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Music Quiz: Greatest Hits Albums XXIV

Congratulations to EclecticMusicLover, who scored the fastest 20/20 in last week’s quiz.

Someone made a ton of these Greatest Hits quizzes. We didn’t start at number 1, but we’re down to #24.

This week’s challenge involves distinguishing between a bevy of blondes, including Alison Krauss, Anastacia, and Robyn.

Are you up for it?


I scored 17/20 – I had little idea who Matt Monro was.

In a similar vein, we lost British/Australian yodeller Frank Ifield this week. He helped fill the early 1960s pop charts, before being rendered obsolete overnight by The Beatles. Here’s ‘She Taught Me To Yodel’!


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  1. Sorry to hear about Ifield’s passing. I can see where The Beatles would outperform a yodeler. That said, yodeling does have a certain charm to it.

    • I know Chris de Burgh’s logo for some reason – no idea why, because I really hate ‘Lady in Red’.

  2. It came down to a guess between Robyn and Anaastacia…and I made the wrong guess. So only 19/20 for me this week. Damn, so close to perfection…and I would have beaten Tony’s time by 30 seconds.

    • I like Robyn. Anastacia seemed like an obscure choice though – big for about 5 seconds twenty years ago.

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