Music Quiz: Flip Flop Albums

Congratulatons to EclecticMusicLover, who easily won last week’s never had a #1 single. He scored 26/29, 3 ahead of J’s 23, while no one else scored over 20.

This week’s quiz is a little confusing. You need to select the named album, but the grid flashes with decoy albums. It took me a while to realise that timing doesn’t matter – each square has a correct answer and a decoy answer, and as long as you click on the correct square it doesn’t matter if you click while the decoy is on.

I scored 18/18 – can you equal my score and beat my time of 1:01 remaining?


  1. Impressive work by Eclectic and J last week. This week I got 18/18 with 1:13 left on the clock. A couple of times I was sure I clicked the box as it changed but I guess I was fast enough. Like Jim, a seizure was likely if I spent any more time on this quiz.

  2. 18/18 w/ 1:27 left – an easy quiz.

    Going back to the ABBA ranking, I like ABBA but there is a song from one of the members I like more than any of the ABBA songs and it’s ‘I Know There’s Something Going On’ by Frida, with Phil Collins on drums, backing vocals & producer. It sounds amazing.

  3. 18/18 with 1:41 left on the clock. I’ve had a lot of coffee and that quiz (and the page’s cumulative layout shift) has given me a real trip, great quiz though

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