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Music Quiz: Hard to Google Bands #2

Congratulations to James Kalyn, who scored 18/18 in less than a minute in last week’s Hard to Google Bands quiz

Just like last week, your challenge is to identify a band from two of its popular songs. All of these bands have difficult-to-Google names.

I scored 17/18. Can you beat my score and get everything correct?

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  1. 15/15. That was kind of hard but there was too many I never heard of. I would have got 16 but I clicked Buffalo instead of Boston for some reason. Obviously I knew the answer was Boston, but Buffalo probably just jumped out at me cuz it’s a more familiar word for me cuz I live there. Sometimes you just click the first one that you recognize.

    • I don’t think anyone has scored 18 yet, so you’re probably in the lead. And you should probably get points for choosing my favourite NBA team.

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