Music Quiz: Hard to Google Bands #1

Tony last week’s last Last Last Last quiz lasted less than one minute, making him the last from last place. In other words, the winner.

This week you need to identify a band from two of its popular songs. All of these bands have difficult-to-Google names. I’ve always thought that a certain 1960s band with four Canadians and one Levon would have chosen a different name had they foreseen how difficult they were to find in a search engine. Unfortunately for some contestants, perhaps, indie bands tend to favour arty names.

I scored 18/18 with 4:11 remaining. Can you beat my score?

Here’s another difficult-to-Google band, perhaps too obscure for this quiz.

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  1. Great!

    If you have ever seen “the last waltz” (which in very sure you have) , they talk about choosing a name for their band after splitting from Bob Dylan.

    They thought about “the crackerjacks” and so on – but eventually settled on the name they chose, because it was easier. And they were all very high at their concert.

    Maybe not as high as Neil during his “Helpless” in the show.

      • Something just told me to pick that one because it was exclamation points, and I use a lot of exclamation points all the time so I had to go with that one. Ha

  2. I couldn’t match your speedy performance but I did get 18/18 with 3:51 left on the clock. As for the mighty Jellyfish, hell yeah. So glad I got to see them on their tours for both albums. Still the best live harmonies I’ve ever heard (the Spilt Milk lineup with four killer singers).

    • That’s a really good time anyway. Jellyfish didn’t have Jason Falkner by then right? I only really know of Manning, Sturmer, and Falkner.

  3. SCORE
    17/18 and I can’t believe I did that. I just picked the name that I heard of before…but one I guessed…something you eat soup with and got it right.

    I saw Jellyfish open up for someone…it was in the 90s…I want to say Bob Dylan. I saw some pretty cool opening artists for him. Jellyfish, The Alarm, and Elvis Costello (a surprise acoustic set)

    • For Badfinger (Max) – just to let you know I enjoyed reading some recent stuff on your blog (Chuck Berry & The Beatles) and tried to comment, but nothing appeared. Just so you know I tried 😀

      • First of all thank you…second I just checked my spam filter and there you were. I approved it so it should be showing now.

    • That’s some cool choices for opening acts – you’d assume his Bobness would be involved in the choices.

  4. 12/18. I got right the ones I knew. As for the others I literally hadn’t heard of any of the options and obviously guessed wrong.

    I am never going to do well in these quizzes because my knowledge of music ends at the beginning of the 1990s! I know no more about modern music than I do about quantum physics. Actually, I’m proud of that!

  5. I don’t do these quizzes because I’m terrible at them. But I’m thinking that “what you eat soup with” is a Texas based Indy-art Rock band. They are amazing.

  6. Right.

    Once again I don’t try these quizzes, but if the answer happens to be Chilliwack (BC), then ya it’s though to google.
    They are best known for the left-field pop hit (gone, gone, gone, etc) but their masterpiece is a song called “Fly at Night”.

    Not to be confused with the three piece from Toronto (Rush) who have a song called “Fly By Night”.

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