Music Quiz: Albums by Genre

Welcome back to this week’s music quiz.

Congratulations to everyone who scored 28/28 last week. It looks like Rich Kamerman scored the fastest time!

This week your challenge is to sort albums into genres. Even if you don’t know them, you may be able to guess via genre conventions.

I scored 28/28 with 3:07 remaining.

This week saw the passing of Richard Davis, a renowned jazz bass player who also popped up on some pop/rock records. Davis, who lived to 93, played on Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks and Eric Dolphy’s Out to Lunch. I also enjoy his work on this Springsteen tune.

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  1. Not sure how I had the fastest time last week, but I’m happy to be the weekly champion…something that likely won’t happen this week. One stumble at the end and my score was 27/28. Oh so close.

    • So close. Davis has an amazing CV – not many people straddled jazz and pop/rock and did brilliant stuff in both (although I guess he mainly played on jazzy tracks by rock artists…).

  2. Astonishingly, full marks with 3:10 on the clock.
    Played around afterwards, revelling in an unaccustomed result, and noted that the quiz reloads with the genres in random order. I was very very lucky that my rotation had the genres in an old-fart friendly order!

  3. 28/28 with 2:55 left. That was easy as pie. Actually, I don’t know why that expression says easy as pie, because pie isn’t particularly easy as far as I’m concerned. Unless you buy those pre-made pie shells that they sell or the pre-made dough. And even then it ain’t all that easy. To make apple pie you would think that all you need is fucking apples, but actually you need about 88 different ingredients. But it’s kind of worth it though because homemade is so much better than the store-bought shit. I used to make apple pie all the time because it’s so fucking delicious.

    • You could say easy as fuck, but that’s not too easy for some, either.

      Anyway, before poor old Aphoristical’s site becomes a fuck-fest I will way that I got 28 but had to guess the K-Pop ones as I know nothing about that. The only K-Pop artist I know is Hueng-Min Son and he wasn’t on there 🙂

    • Maybe it’s that eating pie is easy, rather than making it? My apple pie isn’t too complicated – just a bit of sugar and cinnamon with the apples.

      • Never thought of that. Although I don’t know why pie would be any easier to eat than anything else. You just stigg it in your face. Your apple pie sounds pretty easy to make. The one that I make needs about four different spices and fresh lemon and stuff. But the hardest part is making the dough. And cutting the apples, which I hate.

        • In New Zealand, sometimes we have crumble instead of crust – basically involves mixing some rolled oats, butter, flour, and maybe coconut, and putting the mix on top of the fruit. It’s way less time consuming (if not quite as delicous).

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