Music Quiz: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Albums

Well done to Tony, Rich, Sheik Yerbouti, and Geoff, who all scored full marks in last week’s quiz (and everyone else did well too). Tony scored the fastest time.

This week you need to identify Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers studio albums – this excludes solo albums like Highway Companion (featured in the banner art).

I was at an advantage because I reviewed all of Petty’s albums lately – I scored 13/13 with 1:23 remaining.

How did you get on?


      • Well, I mean, I know Tom Petty but not owning all of the albums made it hard to know some of the cover art, so maybe there’s a middle ground there. But it is a cool idea to have it be harder… you could go right into something you don’t know at all and try it. Still could be fun!

  1. I’ll recuse myself from this one. I liked Petty quite a bit but oddly he was always what I call a “radio guy” for me. Always listened to him but own maybe one album.

  2. 9 of 13 – was familiar with the earlier albums but not so much the newer ones so missed a few guessing. Hypnotic Eye seemed to fit the cover design so that was one correct guess!

    • One thing I found when listening to his full discography was that Echo from 1999 is really strong. I’d been sleeping on it for ages. Good work figuring out Hypnotic Eye.

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