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Music Quiz: 7 to 1 Hits by Royal Artists

Congratulations to Sheik Yerbouti, who just pipped Tony on the squirrel quiz.

This week you need to link the hit songs to the artists with royal names, including Duke Ellington, Chaka Khan, and Carole King. Note the hit clause; Prince wrote and recorded eight songs on the list, but one of them was a hit for another artist.


Perhaps disadvantaged by King Crimson’s poor showing as a singles band, I only scored 25/28. Can you beat me?

Americana legend Jason Isbell dropped a new single, ‘Be Afraid’, this week, in advance of a new album:


  1. SCORE
    Duke Ellington and Chaka Khan got me.

  2. I was doing well…until I stopped doing well. Ended up with 24/28. I forgot at one point that it was about the artist associated with the song, so I chose Prince for a particular Chaka Khan hit that he wrote. Oh well.

  3. 23 – was flying out of the gates with Prince & Queen before things started to fall apart.
    Nice to see some CanCon sneak in there with the Kings!

  4. This definitely wasn’t my quiz. I gave up after I saw Carole King AND Duke Ellington. There was no process of elimination here,

  5. 22 of 28 – my lack of knowledge of several of these artists made me end up guessing with predictable results. Nailed all the Prince ones though.

  6. 17/28 – didn’t know the Duke Ellington or Chaka Khan songs

  7. Re: Jason Isbell song, I fell like a number of artists I admire have decided that its time to start speaking out about the political situation in US. Just listened to the new Drive By Truckers album, and the Avett Brothers album from last year was much more political than what they’ve done in the past.

  8. Too many I didn’t know so my score was too low to even register. Maybe next week.

  9. I scored 24. Turns out I know the names of very few Carole King tunes. Oh well.

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