Music Decades Quiz: Week 2, 2010s

Congratulations to Jim S. and Bruce who both scored 49/50 in the first week of the decades quiz, putting them in the lead with an average percentage of 98%.

This week’s challenge is from the 2010s. You need to link two halves of song titles.

I scored 25/25 – I didn’t think it was too tricky, but it will be interesting to see how the scores wind up. The more you know, the easier it is to get the rest by process of elimination.

Here are a couple of rules clarifications:
– the winner will be determined by highest average percentage.
– if you skip a week, that week counts as zero. If you miss a week before the competition ends, it’s fine to go back and catch up any time until the six week long competition ends.


  1. Although I probably only know about 10 of those songs (or heard them vaguely in the background at the gym), I somehow managed to score 25/25 this week with some educated guesses. I even left 54 seconds on the clock. I figured this would be my toughest decade so feeling very confident right now…but not cocky. Now I’m looking forward to a decade that doesn’t have “bling” in the song titles.

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  2. 25/25. Like Rich, I never heard of many of them. But I got the ones I knew and the rest, quite frankly, were just good grammatical guesses. Only so many on the right fit so many on the left. I also thought I’d be screwed in this decade, totally screwed. 48 seconds left.

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  3. “And rearrange your liver to the solid mental grace.” I had to look that one up. It’s from “Close to the Edge!” Love that tune but I guess I never picked up on that line. Makes as much sense as any of their other lyrics I guess. That said, if it had been me I might have said: “Pump your chest up to the furthest regions of the universe.”

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