Music Quiz: Musicians by First Names Picture Quiz

Last week’s Bowie quiz threw up a couple of different winners than usual – congratulations to Tangerine Trees ( and Chris ( who both scored 100%.

This week’s quiz requires you to match artists from their first name to their mugshot.

You can find it at

I scored 23/24. Can you beat me and score 100%? Let me know!


      1. He is Ringo…period…not Richard or Ritchie… I’m a huge Beatles fan and I should be kicked though.
        Love those quizes…they are challenging. I can only do the ones about older artists though.

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        1. I like quizzes like this one that encompass a range of eras. I generally find, even though I cover newer music as well, anything involving classic rock tends to get more hits/comments/likes etc.

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        2. You are right about that. When I’ve tried to slip a few unknowns…most of the time I get nothing.

          I’m curious…you know a lot of music…have you ever heard of “The Nashville Ramblers”? They were from San Diego and had a brilliant power pop song called The Trains…in the 80s.


      1. I know! I don’t even know half of their music but I know their names. I’m a trivia guy and I have a thing for names. I find them interesting, especially the choices people make when they change them. There’s a guy who was in Steppenwolf named Dennis Edmonton who changed his name to Mars Bonfire! But his original name was Dennis McCrohan. WTF?

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