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Music Quiz: Almost Useless Music Trivia


  1. A mediocre 24/30. The only other one I might have gotten was Calvin Broadus’ real name. I knew it but I could not remember. The rest? No clue.

  2. 30 – I can’t say I have a great deal of useful knowledge, but having useless knowledge occasionally pays off!

  3. Now, I wish I could write you a melody so plain
    That could hold you, dear lady, from going insane
    That could ease you and cool you and cease the pain
    Of your useless and pointless knowledge
    Tombstone Blues – Bob Dylan

  4. 20/30; a couple i had no clue, others I should have known, just had mind go blank

  5. 22. Seems I don’t have as much useless music trivia stored away as I thought!

  6. Tied with the host, having spent the last minute typing in random beverages (without success).

  7. 26 and time ran out on 27 which I would have gotten right.

  8. I completely suck at trivia. Since I don’t want to be reminded about it, usually, I don’t bother playing!😜
    But kudos to you for continuing to find new games!

  9. 30/30 2:21 – I drew a blank on Queen and had to mentally go through the end of the song, but other than that I thought it was fairly easy.

  10. Scored a respectable 27/30. Always happy to match our host’s results. I had no idea about the three clues I missed so no amount of time was going to boost my score.

  11. 25. I don’t know Kelis or Usher, and I wasted time playing Bohemian Rhapsody in my head to figure out that clue. Ah well. I’ll take 83%!

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