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Music Quiz: 90s Rock Song By 5 Words

We have two weeks of Missing Musician Antonyms results to catch up with. Sheik Yerbouti had the fastest time with a perfect score a fortnight ago, while last week jprobichaud scored the fastest time and guessed the bonus answer.

This week you need to guess iconic 1990s songs by a 5 word phrase.

https://www.sporcle.com/games/BorezU/taylor-swift-5-words (despite the URL, it’s not actually a Taylor Swift quiz).

I scored 15/16 – I clearly need to bone up on Green Day.

In non-music related news, does anyone else enjoy the comedy of the guy who decides packaging?


  1. As soon as I saw 90’s I knew I was doomed. My 9/16 score perfectly reflects that I know roughly half the 90s reasonably well. The other half – not so much.

  2. BTW, I hadn’t seen the packaging guy. I wondered how those decisions were made. And by and large, you’d probably have to go to a specialty store in NYC to get vegemite. Also, someone did once smile and give me a vegemite sandwich.

    • I’m usually pretty good with lyrics but the ’90s is when I started getting a lot less interested in the then-current crop of rock, so for me, hit or miss.

    • I think my lack of interest in the 1990s status quo (eg Nirvana, RHCP, Alice in Chains) basically led me to start this site. Much more interested in things like Jellyfish and Freedy Johnston.

  3. 8/16…the perfection streak comes to an end…easy come easy go.
    I liked the comedian much better!

  4. 13 of 16 with some lucky guesses; not bad given that 90s not my thing (although maybe more than I think).
    never heard of the package guy but hilarious! Esp like the triangle top for milk (so true!; and the one that goldfish crackers comes in is impossible!) and the hard plastic case for scissors – always so annoying trying to open those!

  5. 10/16 – there are a few artists that I didn’t really bother with.
    I recognised the comedian as he was a children’s show host here in Australia called Giggle and Hoot.

  6. Did somebody say 90s? 16/16 with 2:46 left on the clock thanks to process of elimination, listening to Throwing Copper just last night and having had enough coffee to raise the dead this morning

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