Slice of Heaven by Dave Dobbyn and Herbs

Every country has a musical act who’s part of the national identity, but who is little known internationally. Australia has Paul Kelly, Canada has The Tragically Hip, and New Zealand has Dave Dobbyn. Beloved songs like ‘Loyal’, ‘Welcome Home’, and ‘Whaling’ have cemented Dobbyn’s place as a national treasure.

Dobbyn, however, wasn’t always national treasure material. In 1984, Dobbyn’s band DD Smash headlined a free concert in Auckland’s Queen Street. Shortly after DD Smash’s set started, the power went off. Some of the 10,000 crowd members started throwing bottles, riot police arrived, and Dobbyn allegedly told the crowd “I wish those riot squad guys would stop wanking and put their little batons away.” The concert was cancelled and the audience rioted, causing $1 million of damage.

Dobbyn started rehabilitating his image with his first solo album, Footrot Flats: The Dog’s Tale; the 1986 soundtrack to the animated film based on New Zealand’s most loved comic strip, Footrot Flats. ‘Slice of Heaven’ is the most well-known song from the soundtrack.

Dobbyn streamlined his sound for the 1990s, and it’s easy to forget how creatively bizarre some of his 1980s arrangements were. The combination of a synthesised Japanese flute (made with an E-mu Emulator II) and the Polynesian backing vocals of the band Herbs gives ‘Slice of Heaven’ an utterly unique sonic palette.

Murray Ball, who drew Footrot Flats, and John Clarke, who voiced Wal Footrot, have both passed away recently, but Dobbyn’s still around and is still New Zealand’s songwriter.

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  1. Dave Dobbyn’s songs are brilliant. Melodic , passionate and with great lyrics. Live, he’s mesmerising. Check out his back catalogue. He’s a bit like Dylan, or Mark Knopfler, in that has he has so many beautiful songs/ recordings so many are not aware of.

    • I have a bit of his stuff – I really like his three 1990s albums, plus I have the Footrot Flats soundtrack and the compilation that covers the 1980s with the mullet on the cover. I’ll cover them sometime. Not so familiar with his stuff from the 21st century. Thanks for writing in!

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