Music Quiz: Group Clicking

We had a smaller turnout than usual in last week’s parentheses quiz, but it was again won by a Jim (but just one this week, unlike last week’s two-Jim tie). Congratulations to Jim the Music Enthusiast.

This week’s quiz is a little different from most quizzes I’ve featured – you only have a minute and there’s initially a lot of visual information to process. A band’s name will appear, and you will need to click any of the three band members featured in the grid.

I scored 8/8 with 17 seconds remaining – can you beat my time?

In other news, have you ever heard Crosby, Stills, Nash, Jones, and Young?

It amazes me that we still have all five around in 2021. We did recently lose Prince Phillip who once asked Tom Jones “What do you gargle with, pebbles?””

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  1. I’m on a roll. 8/8, 20 seconds left. I thought sure I’d blown it. I don’t know a soul in Linkin Park. Lucky guess. Do I get a Tony award? (So to speak).

    As to the Tom Jones thing, boy can he sing. That’s a Crosby song and you can tell he’s digging it. As to Prince Phillip, he seemed to spend a lot of time with his foot in his colonies mouths.

  2. Is it cheating if you look through the photos first & then start the quiz? If so, then put an asterisk next to my score of 8/8 with 54 seconds remaining. I initially assumed I would have to click on each band member but just clicking on one highlighted all of them. I have seen the CSNY + TJ performance. Good stuff.

    • All legal – if it was a quiz where you couldn’t see the photos before starting, then did something dubious like taking a screenshot, that would be an issue. Don’t know if anyone’s going to beat your time.

  3. 8/8 with 36 seconds left on the clock.

    As for Crosby, Stills, Nash, Jones, and Young, that is pretty excellent. That’s a line-up I wouldn’t mind hearing more from.

  4. I did get them all. I was initially confused by the highlighting in different colours and thought I got my second one wrong, which may have led to my slower time. I had :16 seconds left on the clock. Some of these folks are speed demons, no?

  5. 8 with 25 to go – I’m pleased you only had to choose one of the band members, I don’t know if I’d be able to assign each of the members to the correct groups!

  6. 8 of 8 with 28 seconds left. 🙂 Actually the different color coding intially confused me – I am used to the correct answer being green and incorrect being red or orange, so when it didn’t turn green I was like what? So I was surprised when it said I had all 8.

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