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Music Quiz: Music Grid

No one scored more than 18/20 in last week’s Double Grammy Winners quiz – congratulations to Eclectic Music Lover and Tony who both reached that mark.

This week there’s a delightful music grid to solve:

I scored 69/78 (you get a point for each letter you get correct, so it doesn’t take that long). Can you beat my score? You’ll probably need to be more clued up on Usher, Brandy, et al that I am!

Is anyone else a fan of the Albums That Never Were blog? They reconstruct famous lost albums. I’m reviewing The Zombies’ 1960s discography right now, and I’m regarding their version of R.I.P. as canonical:


  1. I started this one but couldn’t finish it. Usually, there’s an option to skip the question and come back later. But I could only find ‘Give up’ and so it was impossible to finish or come back later and guess.

  2. SCORE
    66/78 I thought I did better…there were 4 I couldn’t get. Afterward I should have guessed one more… it’s a color

  3. 57/78 and gave up with 1:27 left. Spent more time mucking with the way the letters jumped, not a fan of the format of input here. Also not up to date on some of the pop tart/rapper stuff. Ah well!

  4. 63/78 for me. I should have waited until my wife, who is working across the table from me, got off the phone before starting this quiz. I’m sure I would have gotten a few more.

    As for The Zombies “R.I.P.”, good call. It’s fantastic. I bought the Zombie Heaven 4-CD box set when it was released (20+ years ago?) and went from being a casual fan to a fanatic.

  5. Started strong on first column and then it all came apart about halfway down second column – 53; and it wasn’t like I couldn’t even guess on some of them – Aqua? But I liked the format!

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