Music Quiz: Pop Ups

Congratulations to tangerinetrees99, who scored the fastest time in last week’s musical instrument quiz, and well done to everyone who scored 100% (or got close!). Also, Tony from Mumbling About deserves kudos for scoring 100% in the tough Paul Westerberg lyrics quiz that I included as a bonus.

This week you need to match the popup message with a song.

I scored 7/10 but I’m sure some of you will fare much better.


        1. Oh oh, now I see how the format worked. Tricky! (at least for me.) I got 7/10 right with 1:45 left (kept trying to think of the right answer and even after I gave up and saw them didn’t recognize 2 of the 3 I didn’t get.)

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  1. 6 of 10 – like msjadeli, I initially got confused by the error message but then it dawned on me! 2 of them never heard of and the other (animal part and glitter gold) just wouldn’t come to me. That was different but fun nonetheless

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