Music Quiz: Musical Women by Image IV

Congratulations to dark horse Luca, who scored 15/15 with the fastest time in last week’s Album Covers by Description Quiz.

This week you need to identify the female artist from four options starting with the same letter. It’s one of the most wide-ranging quizzes I’ve featured, going right back to the Second World War.

I scored 18/20 – I had no idea that one of the featured artists was of Latin descent, while I got Kesha and Kelly Clarkson mixed up (they look pretty similar IMO!). Can you beat me?


  1. 17/20. We’ll Meet Again. After the quiz, it told me, “You’re off to astonish the world with more feats of adequacy!” Hey, adequate is WAY better than mediocre.

  2. This is the first time I tried to play the game that it actually worked. Every other time I always fucked it up and had to quit. I got 18 out of 20 but one of them I just clicked on the wrong one by mistake. I’ve always loved.that Carole King album cover btw..

  3. Whenever I tried to play some of the other games I couldnt figure out where to put the answers or what to click on or if you’re supposed to type the answers or what. And meanwhile the clock was already up to 88 hours by the time I figured it out, so I just said fuck it and quit. lol

  4. 18 out of 20. That’s more like it. I can’t remember the two I got wrong – two modern ones I think.
    I can also identify the cat on Carole King’s cover – Telemachus. A great name for a cat.

  5. 16 of 20. I also messed up between Kesha and Kelly Clarkson and some other R&B types. Others were process of elimination. Fun!

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