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Music Quiz: 1970s Artists on Their Album Cover

Congratulations to everyone who scored 100% in last week’s Scrambled 1990s vocalist quiz, and especially to Sheik Yerbouti who just nudged out Tony, 2loud2old, and Geoff for the fastest time.

This week we’re looking at 1970s artists on their album covers.


I didn’t know the gentleman in the upper right hand corner playing a left-handed Stratocaster upside down, so I scored 24/25.

Can you guess all 25?


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  1. Bingo, 25/25 with, weirdly, same time as Rich. I only knew the punk band in the bottom right as I had a poster of them on my wall back in the day. If I have an era it’s the ’70s.

  2. 24 of 25 – had the 24 done with loads of time left and then stared at the one that’s got a color in name forever – could have stared for awhile longer with no luck. Fun quiz!

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