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Music Quiz: 16 Little Musical Instrumental Pictograms

Congratulations to all the participants in last week’s music jokes quiz. Rich from KamerTunesBlog, helped by his job in music retail, scored the fastest time among the 24s, with Tony and Bruce hard on his heels.

This week’s quiz requires you to name musical instruments from pictogram clues.


The pictogram with a flower drove me crazy – I thought the flower was a pansy! I eventually got it and ended up with 16/16, using exactly half of the allotted 5:00.

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  1. 14/16. Damn. Could not get the one with the lion. I’m tired of these quizzes defining me as a person. Although this one said, “Boom goes the dynamite.” That’s good. Right?

  2. I’m surprised some of you non-US guys got the baseball reference. BTW, that purple flower is far from being rare. And what does Kate Bush have to do with any of this?

  3. 9 of 16 bringing up rear it appears. Did it on my phone which slowed things down. Some of them were pretty clever – enjoyed playing.

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