Music Decades Quiz: Week 4, 1970s

Welcome to week 4 of the Music Decades Challenge. Of the contestants who’ve completed all 3 challenges so far, the leaders in average score are:

jprobichaud 74%
Rich K78%
Jim S79%

If you missed a week or two, and want to catch up, you can find the previous weeks’ quizzes at

This week’s challenge is set in the 1970s – you need to name some acts from their unsuccessful singles.

I scored 44/60, which was a decent way ahead of the Sporcle average, but I’m sure my score will be overhauled. If you want more 1970s quiz action, head over to Vinyl Connection’s album covers quiz.

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  1. Although the ’70’s are a decade I recall (to the extent that I do at all) with some fondness, alas my personal road to perdition continues. 50/60. I have never in my life heard of the following songs: Bus Rider, School, Strutter, The Six-Teens, Beautiful Noise, The Stake, Rasputin, Gonna Raise Hell. I knew Airport but not the band and Nice Legs, Shame About Her Face is a great if totally sexist title. I got Bye Bye Love at the last minute once I got the stupid ’50s song out of my head. Sometimes I randomly guessed bands and that worked. See the man with stage fright, indeed.

  2. I’m slightly disappointed with my performance this week considering the ’70s was my formative decade. I “only” got 52/60. All 52 came very easily and then I was completely stumped. In looking at the ones I missed, I should have gotten 2 others. Bring on the ’80s. Those were my high school & college years so I should be primed for that quiz.

  3. 32 for me. I found that one very difficult, as there were a lot of songs that I had never heard of even when I was pretty familiar with the artist.

  4. Was counting on this one and did manage to make up some ground: 56.
    A couple were totally perplexing and a couple more were frantic typing in the last two minutes to see if anything stuck!

  5. 48 this week. Some I knew but then I started getting desperate and just threw band and artist names from the era in and got a surprising amount from that

    • Glad you didn’t score too high, for the sake of the competition. I think that quiz would have been better if you couldn’t just guess randomly – I got a couple doing that too.

  6. 40 of 60. Got a bunch of them then resorted to trying to remember random groups that were big in the 70s and get a number that way. Nailed one in the last 3 seconds.

    • Good effort! i was just thinking about you as have been reading up about Steve Van Zandt for tomorrow’s article (which doesn’t actually mention Steve Van Zandt, but he’s certainly connected).

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