Music Decades Quiz: Week 4, 1970s

Welcome to week 4 of the Music Decades Challenge. Of the contestants who’ve completed all 3 challenges so far, the leaders in average score are:

jprobichaud 74%
Rich K78%
Jim S79%

If you missed a week or two, and want to catch up, you can find the previous weeks’ quizzes at

This week’s challenge is set in the 1970s – you need to name some acts from their unsuccessful singles.

I scored 44/60, which was a decent way ahead of the Sporcle average, but I’m sure my score will be overhauled. If you want more 1970s quiz action, head over to Vinyl Connection’s album covers quiz.


  1. Although the ’70’s are a decade I recall (to the extent that I do at all) with some fondness, alas my personal road to perdition continues. 50/60. I have never in my life heard of the following songs: Bus Rider, School, Strutter, The Six-Teens, Beautiful Noise, The Stake, Rasputin, Gonna Raise Hell. I knew Airport but not the band and Nice Legs, Shame About Her Face is a great if totally sexist title. I got Bye Bye Love at the last minute once I got the stupid ’50s song out of my head. Sometimes I randomly guessed bands and that worked. See the man with stage fright, indeed.

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  2. I’m slightly disappointed with my performance this week considering the ’70s was my formative decade. I “only” got 52/60. All 52 came very easily and then I was completely stumped. In looking at the ones I missed, I should have gotten 2 others. Bring on the ’80s. Those were my high school & college years so I should be primed for that quiz.


  3. 32 for me. I found that one very difficult, as there were a lot of songs that I had never heard of even when I was pretty familiar with the artist.

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      1. That should bring that 56 up… There was one I didn’t know…I’m not going to mention it in case someone tomorrow will take it…I’m going to look it up now.

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  4. 40 of 60. Got a bunch of them then resorted to trying to remember random groups that were big in the 70s and get a number that way. Nailed one in the last 3 seconds.

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    1. Good effort! i was just thinking about you as have been reading up about Steve Van Zandt for tomorrow’s article (which doesn’t actually mention Steve Van Zandt, but he’s certainly connected).


    1. Nope, I haven’t kept up with Springsteen very well – although I hear his latest is his best in quite a while. The links a bit more oblique – I profiled a 1980 album that inspired Van Zandt, specifically the closing track.

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