Music Quiz: Musical Groups Named For Members?

Congratulations to “guest” who scored 40/40 in a late entry, and Murphy’s Law, who scored 39/40, in last week’s tough three word song quiz.
This week’s requires you to identify which groups are named after members of the band, and which are made up.
I scored a tending-towards-the-median 16/20, which I’m sure many of my bright readers will eclipse. Let me know how you scored.
If you have some spare time, you might want to browse through Scott’s Music Writing Blog – I especially enjoy the lists ( and song of the week ( features.

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  1. Joining the pack with 16/20. Quibbling a little with Guns n Roses – sure there’s Axl Rose but is that why the band was named what it was? Plus is Axl Rose even his real name? I didn’t go for the Traveling Wilburys although didn’t everyone in band have a Wilbury name? 🙂

  2. Points well taken, Paul. If I were running this contest I would give you a few points. Just enough, however, to break out of the ‘pack of 16’ but not enough to touch my score. 😂 Am I tied for second? I think so.

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