Up All Night by The Records

For some reason, hosting a birthday slumber party for my seven year old daughter on Friday reminded me of this song. The Records are a power-pop band from the late 1970s, best known for the minor hit ‘Starry Eyes’.

The Records like they’re from the American school of power pop, like Big Star and The Raspberries, but they’re actually British – all four members were veterans of the British music scene, and vocalist/guitarist John Wicks and drummer Will Birch played together in the pub-rock band Kursaal Flyers.

Like a lot of power-pop, The Records are probably heard best one song at a time. I enjoy their compilation Smashes, Crashes and Near Misses, but it can all blend together; The Records excel at punchy, melodic three minute pop songs, but don’t have a lot of stylistic variation.


  1. How wonderful to see The Records get a shoutout! Have a couple of their LPs and a track or two on comps.

    Speaking of which, the ‘Poptopia!’ series (the still on the ‘Starry eyes’ clip) are absolutely brilliant. I have two of the three volumes (70s and 90s) and hope to one day get the missing 80s CD.

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