Music Quiz: 7 to 1 Female Artists

Congratulations to Tony (, who headed off Rich and Chris for the highest score in a tough duets quiz last week.

This week’s quiz looks at female solo artists. Match the top 5 hit song to the female artist.

I scored 27/28, can you beat me and get full marks?


    1. It’s an interesting mix of critically acclaimed artists (Aretha Franklin, Beyonce, Carly Rae Jepsen) and radio fodder. I knew a fair chunk of them, but guessed the last few Whitney Houston and Beyonce songs.


    1. It’s more geared to my generation, I think – it’s mostly from the mid 1980s onwards, even Aretha Franklin’s songs include a couple from that era. I’d struggle if it included stuff like Doris Day and Peggy Lee.


        1. I’m constantly amazed how well some of your /our regulars (middle aged men, to a, ah, man) do on these diva sprinkled quizzes. I wouldn’t know a Beyonce or a Swift if they flew in my window.

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  1. Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey , Miley Cyrus…. obviously I have an allergy to them as I pulled in with 25 with mostly guesses and feel the need to cleanse my mental jukebox now before I walk around the house humming Halo

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