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Tuesday’s Top Tens

Happy Tuesday morning* (New Zealand time)! Often on Tuesday morning I feature an artist that I’ve recently added to the site, but I haven’t written much this week, so here are some lists for your viewing pleasure.

*I just accidentally hit publish, so I guess it’s actually happy Monday evening (New Zealand time).

Most popular artist pages on so far this year:
1) Neil Young
2) Queen
3) Split Enz
4) The Beach Boys
5) Crowded House
6) Kate Bush
7) The Beatles
8) Van Morrison
9) David Bowie
10) Genesis


My ten most listened to artists on (2007-present):



My ten favourite albums of all time:
Close to the Edge by Yes
Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys
Radio City by Big Star
Court and Spark by Joni Mitchell
Another Green World by Brian Eno
The Colour of Spring by Talk Talk
Skylarking by XTC
Liege and Lief by Fairport Convention
Revolver by The Beatles
Lifes Rich Pageant by R.E.M.


Do you have any top tens you want to share? Go ahead.


    • He is one of the few people with a very long career where I own most of their catalogue, although I never checked in on Bad As Me. I tend to favour his first few albums and the albums he made between 1983 and 1999.

      • Yeah, those were his golden runs, that’s for sure.

        Rain Dogs, Bone Machine, Mule Variations, Swordfishtrombones, and Franks Wild Years are my favorites by him, but I really like all of his albums except for The Black Rider and Foreign Affairs, the former being weak in my book and the latter being just average.

        You should check Bad as Me. It’s a great record!

          • I haven’t heard One From The Heart either. I heard The Black Rider because the listed discography I was following had it as a studio album even though it’s a soundtrack.

            I will read that summary. I can already see we agree on the Top 5 almost completely. Orphans is also a great collection, so it deserves the great spot it got, especially because of the Bawlers disc, which is just one beautiful sad song after another!

    • Do you have an actual, official, top ten list.

      I like to quantify everything, although I really don’t like album ratings that are calculated by rating each song and averaging it out.

      • A couple years ago, a bunch of bloggers did a ‘top 15 on the 15th’ – my top 10 from that (I believe) were:
        1. The Beatles
        2. Weezer (blue)
        3. Radiohead – OK Computer
        4. Weezer – Pinkerton
        5. Radiohead – The Bends
        6. Beach Boys – Pet Sounds
        7. Tragically Hip – Fully Completely
        8. Morrissey – Your Arsenal
        9. Smiths – Queen is Dead
        10. Cure – Wild Mood Swings

        But of course it would have had the asterisk* – the order could change by the hour!

  1. This post is from the FUTURE!

    Geoff’s right, we did a Top 15 on the 15th way back in September of 2015. Interested, I looked back at my choices made then. I think I did pretty damn good. Maybe a few changes now, but that’s how it goes…

    Rolling Stones – Exile On Main St.
    Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks
    Guided By Voices – Bee Thousand
    Wynton Marsalis – Standard Time Vol.3: The Resolution Of Romance
    Sloan – Twice Removed
    Tragically Hip – Day For Night
    B.B. King – Blues On The Bayou
    Harry Connick, Jr. – 20
    Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man
    Bob Marley and the Wailers – Legend
    Miles Davis – Kind Of Blue
    Radiohead – OK Computer
    Led Zeppelin – Houses Of The Holy
    Pearl Jam – Ten
    Rollins Band – The Only Way To Know For Sure

      • See, the thing with Miles is it depends on the day I’m asked – apparently that day was KOB. IASW would lso be an excellent choice! And Bitches Brew, and Birth Of The Cool, and Sketches Of Spain, and A Tribute To Jack Johnson, and…

        Same with Radiohead. I love OKC, but I go through Kid A phases, and today I might say The Bends…

        • I’m usually pretty stable in my favourites, although Radiohead have enough excellent records that it’s a bit of a tussle. I like Kid A best, but The Bends and In Rainbows are also up there.

  2. Top 10 albums of all-time are so hard to narrow down. But you’ve given me the idea to write a post about my favorite albums. Listened to 5 of your ten favorites. Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys and Revolver by Beatles I agree are great. I’m curious to check out more of Brian Eno and find out which of his LP’s I love the most.

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