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1980s Reviews

Tracy Chapman 1988 Debut

The following 1980s artists have their own dedicated page:

Kate Bush
Marshall Crenshaw
Peter Gabriel
Prefab Sprout
The Smiths
Talk Talk

This page collects odds and ends from 1980s artists:

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Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique

Paul’s Boutique – The Beastie Boys

Paul’s Boutique (1989), 9/10 Paul’s Boutique was initially a commercial disappointment for hip hop trio the Beastie Boys after the … Continue Reading Paul’s Boutique – The Beastie Boys

Tracy Chapman 1988 Debut

Tracy Chapman – Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman (1988), 8/10 If you happen to have bought my old car, you’ll find a copy of Tracy Chapman … Continue Reading Tracy Chapman – Tracy Chapman

Dire Straits Money for Nothing

Money For Nothing – Dire Straits

Money For Nothing (1988), 7.5/10 The main problem for Dire Straits was timing; debuting in England in the late 1970s … Continue Reading Money For Nothing – Dire Straits

The Best of Glenn Frey

The Best Of (The Millennium Collection) – Glenn Frey

The Best Of (The Millennium Collection) (2000), 3/10 I always held the impression that Glenn Frey supplied the Eagles’ tunefulness … Continue Reading The Best Of (The Millennium Collection) – Glenn Frey

Actual Miles: Henley’s Greatest Hits – Don Henley

Actual Miles: Henley’s Greatest Hits 1995, 8/10 Against the science of probability, one of the Eagles actually managed a perfectly … Continue Reading Actual Miles: Henley’s Greatest Hits – Don Henley

Billy Joel Glass Houses

Glass Houses – Billy Joel

Glass Houses (1980), 8/10 From D. Geller and T. Hibbert, Billy Joel: An Illustrated Biography, London, 1985, p 88: “Billy’s … Continue Reading Glass Houses – Billy Joel

Billy Joel The Nylon Curtain

The Nylon Curtain – Billy Joel

The Nylon Curtain (1982), 8.5/10 After the fun but lyrically light pop of Glass Houses, The Nylon Curtain is an ambitious album, … Continue Reading The Nylon Curtain – Billy Joel

Run D.M.C. Debut Album

Run D.M.C. – Run D.M.C.

Run-D.M.C. (1983), 5/10 Often heralded as one of the greatest and most influential hip hop albums ever made, Run-D.M.C. was … Continue Reading Run D.M.C. – Run D.M.C.

Run D.M.C. Raising Hell

Raising Hell – Run D.M.C.

Raising Hell (1986), 6/10 I’ve never heard Run D.M.C.’s second album, 1985’s King of Rock, but their third album, Raising … Continue Reading Raising Hell – Run D.M.C.

Run DMC Tougher Than Leather

Tougher Than Leather – Run D.M.C.

Tougher Than Leather (1988), 6.5/10 Tougher Than Leather is the soundtrack to a reportedly hideous film, in which Run-D.M.C. attempted … Continue Reading Tougher Than Leather – Run D.M.C.

Moving Pictures Rush

Moving Pictures – Rush

Moving Pictures (1981), 8/10 Canadian progressive power trio Rush released their debut in 1974, but unlike most of their contemporaries … Continue Reading Moving Pictures – Rush

Rush Retrospective 2

Retrospective II: 1981 to 1987 – Rush

Retrospective II: 1981 to 1987 (1997), 8.5/10 While conventional wisdom is that Rush’s 1980’s albums decreased in quality through the … Continue Reading Retrospective II: 1981 to 1987 – Rush

Toto IV - Toto

Toto IV – Toto

Toto IV (1982), 7.5/10 It aroused horror among critics worldwide when it won the Grammy for album of the year, … Continue Reading Toto IV – Toto

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