Music Quiz: Last Last Last #1

Well done to Tony, who just pipped EclecticMusicLover for the best score in last week’s music quiz. Last week’s quiz was Last Last Last #2, so let’s keep working our way back to the first in the series. As before, your challenge is to identify an artist by a combination of the last words of three of their songs.

I scored 21/21, with 3:43 remaining. The Prince clue was my favourite, but I also enjoyed “Idaho Lobster Shack”.

I did not know this piece of Rolling Stones trivia, courtesy of Wikipedia.

In 1993, [Bill] Wyman’s son Stephen Wyman married Patsy Smith, the 46-year-old mother of Bill’s ex-wife Mandy Smith. Stephen was 30 years old at the time. Therefore, Bill became the father-in-law of his ex-mother-in-law as well as the stepgrandfather of his former wife.

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  1. SCORE

    I remember when that happened with Wyman…it’s a wonder he didn’t get arrested in the 80s.

  2. Another easy (and fun) one, but I wasn’t as speedy as you. 21/21 with 3:10 left on the clock. I think I’ll ask for a popcorn bag machine for my next birthday.

  3. Looks like I’m the only one who didn’t get 21, which is f***** up. U2 was the first one that came up and I got it wrong so I thought it was going to be a real hard quiz , but then after that I got them all correct.

    • Is that the first time you got them all right? How come you didn’t put your time? You can’t qualify to be the winner without the time. I was only the winner one time. And a couple of other times I lost by just a few seconds, which sucks.

  4. 21 / 21 with 4:01 on the timer… the Bill Wyman’s son and ex-mother in law saga is something I recall the gutter press making a big thing of but he seemed to shrug it off. It’s always bloody disturbing when these older dudes marry, essentially, kids. I seem to recall Doug Hutchinson doing something similar

      • I worry about the competitive maniac in me these things unlock sometimes. It’s probably why few people are happy to play monopoly with me anymore

        • But it’s a good kind of competitiveness. Games are fun, and they wouldn’t exist without the competition. And you’re more or less competing against yourself anyway cuz you’re also trying to beat your own scores.

        • If you get frustrated at a game a lot, it means it’s a bad game. My friend’s parents had to sell their monopoly set as it was leading to too much marital tension.

  5. Graham, I just listened to your top 10 songs of Buffalo Springfield and wanted to comment but comments show as turned off, as they are on all of your WP posts (from what I can see.) I love every song you chose, the ones I was familiar with and the ones never heard before today. I would only add one more (for now) and that is “Questions.” I wasn’t familiar with this version of it but am familiar with the CSNY version.

  6. I don’t do time. Time is irrelevant in my opinion. I am a winner in my own mind.

    It is possibly the first time I have got one of Graham’s posted quizzes all correct, but that is because he doesn’t post ones on capital cities of the world or flags of the world.

    • Come on now. You know you would love to see “Congratulations to Punk Panther who won last week’s quiz”. Come on. Lmao!!!!

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