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Weekly Music Quiz: Famous Lead Singers by Band

Congratulations to Rich “we mean it” Kamerman, who scored 36/36 in last week’s California Bands quiz, correctly sorting Beach Boys and Green Day albums.

In this week’s challenge, you need to identify lead singers of bands by picture. It’s harder than it sounds, as it takes in a variety of genres and eras. There are some great photos.

I scored 19/20, failing to recognise the last singer on the list. I also had to rack my brain for #18 (assuming everyone’s quiz is in the same order).

We’ve lost a lost of Australasian singers over the past few weeks. This week, New Zealand’s Margaret Urlich passed at the age of 57. I only knew a handful of her songs, but this 1985 song fitted the era and had an irresistible chorus. It topped the charts in NZ, but could have easily been an international hit single:

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  1. I still think my “victory” from last week was due to certain folks not showing up to take the quiz, but I’ll gladly accept all the accolades that are sure to come my way. 😛 As for this week’s quiz, it was an easy 20/20 with 3:34 left on the clock. Great photo of my favorite singer, the fella from Led Zeppelin.

    • Looks like you’re in the lead this week as well. That Led Zep photo rules – I’d never seen it before.

  2. 18/20 and had no idea who the two I missed were. I recognized one of the names after I gave up. I do not like how they would not accept certain names unless it was the spelling they wanted (e.g. they wouldn’t take deborah but only debbie.) Sorry to hear of the passing of a NZ musician.

  3. I got 20/20, with 1:53 to spare. I second Lisa’s comment, as you had to have the exactly correct spelling. I kept typing ‘Ozzy Osborne’ with Ozzy spelled all kinds of ways, but Osborne was missing a ‘u’ – sigh…

    • Great score though. It all depends on who makes the quiz. Often you don’t need to type the full name btw – just the surname should work.

  4. Just testing your comments with a wordpress account. First attempt (with chrome and a field that shows my user avatar and the line “you are commenting using wordpress” did not work. Getting the error you already know about. Second attempt: Copied the message first ;). Then clicked on “change” and chose wordpress as an icon again.

  5. Missed a couple due to travelling so happy with 20/20 and 3:40 left on the clock. Good to see an obscure one like Bono in there too

  6. Does everybody here have their own blog or something? I just keep seeing where all the commenters have blogs. I think I’m the only one that doesn’t have one. lol

    • I’ve had a few semi-regular commentators without their own blogs, but the vast majority are bloggers for sure. But it’s lovely you join us.

      • It seems like it would be something that I would want to do too but I don’t think I have the right temperament for it or anything I get real easily aggravated and frustrated by people and I’d probably be swearing at people and stuff. Plus I just don’t have that kind of patience and the kind of discipline that you probably need to be any good at it.

        • I don’t get too many nasty comments, and if I think they’re dumb I can just delete them. The worst one told me I was a moron for not including Rush on a list – I just deleted it without a response.

          I put a fair bit of time into it and try and stick to a schedule, although some posts like quizzes and Nuggets are pretty each.

  7. 19/20 for me before I ran out of time. I knew pretty much all the faces but had to rack my brain for the names. Like many others, the Black Sabbath singer’s name tripped me up with the various spellings…

  8. SCORE
    19/20 I could not name Adam L…. I knew the name well but I couldn’t place it….I can’t believe I got Tom Y.
    I did have to google Ozzy O to get the spelling…for some reason it gets me every time.

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