Music Quiz: Song by Opening Lyrics (1970s)

Congratulations to Music Enthusiast Jim, who scored the fastest time while completing the Away song titles quiz. Good work as well to 2loud2old and Paul, who also recorded perfect scores.

This week we are identifying 1970s songs by their opening couplets. It takes at least five minutes, so make sure you have the time.

I scored 26/30, although I probably should have scraped out another couple. I’m sure someone will manage full marks, but who will it be?

Unfortunately Peter Gabriel isn’t featured – I guess this couplet from ‘The Colony of Slippermen’ is a little obscure?

I wandered lonely as a cloud,
Till I came upon this dirty street.
I’ve never seen a stranger crowd;
Slubberdegullions on a squeaky feet,

Continually pacing,
With nonchalant embracing,
Each orifice disgracing
And one facing me moves to say “hellay”.

Do you have a favourite opening line from a 1970s song?

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  1. Didn’t realize I had won last time till just now. 28/30 on this one. I’m a walking bag of lyrics. I knew the punk band but not the name of the song. And I know the ‘you went to school to learn’ song but couldn’t recognize it from the lyrics. Couldn’t hear it.

  2. Oof, that’s one of my decades and I should have done better. 25/30 even though I know every one of those songs like the back of my hand. I kept thinking of a different John Denver song or I would have tied your score. Nice job by Jim last week.

  3. YES! I had trouble spelling a punk band’s song right…not a word you use every day.

  4. 22 – all the lines looked vaguely familiar though.
    And then when I saw the answers, I could easily sing all 8 of the songs I missed, just didn’t recognize the lyrics without the melody!

  5. After I didn’t know one it stopped accepting my answers when I typed them in so I continued manually, just counting the ones I knew. I got 25. The five I didn’t know I genuinely didn’t know, they weren’t ones that I should have got.

  6. You asked about favourite 70’s opening lines, how about one of mine:-
    ‘Pop paper people printing “Rebel Insane”…’
    which was the first line on Cockney Rebel’s “The Psychomodo” album, from the tracks “Sweet Dreams”.
    Or maybe
    ‘Billy rapped all night about his suicide…’
    from Mott The Hoople’s “All The Young Dudes”

  7. I knew every single one but for some reason it stopped working after number 10 even though I didn’t get it wrong. That pisses me off. Maybe you got to play on a regular computer or something. idk

  8. Wow that was fun! – 22 of 30 – for some reason fingers weren’t working great so took me longer to get the title’s in than I would have liked. Probably could have could 4 or 5 more with faster fingers (plus I noticed it wasn’t accepting the last word of the title thing like it sometimes does.

    • Often it accepts last names when you’re guessing bands etc. It’s up to the quiz maker, but it’s not super logical to type in the last word for songs (although it would save on typing).

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