Music Quiz: Rap Lyrics in More Scholarly Language

Congratulations to all of last week’s contestants, especially those with 100%. Special congratulations to Tony, who finished in a rasping time with more than five minutes to spare.

This week’s challenge wanders into unfamiliar territory for this quiz. You need to decipher the rap lyric, translated into more scholarly language, and guess the song.

My rap knowledge is poor, particularly of the 1990s gangsta rap that the quiz focuses on, so I scored a measly 6/18. Even if you’re not a fan of hip hop, the quiz is agreeably humorous.

How did you get on?


  1. This is about as far from my musical wheelhouse as you can get, so I’m not surprised by my 5/18 score. Had they focused on rap from the era with Young MC, Tone Loc, Salt ‘N Pepa, LL Cool J, Kid ‘N Play, etc. I would have done better, but most of the artists in the quiz are just names I’ve heard of. Oh, and I only looked at the clues after the fact. I just picked 5 song titles I knew by certain artists and got them right.

  2. For the first time, I’m passing on a quiz. I would likely get zero. For the record, on the last quiz while I didn’t get the fastest time, I too had over five minutes left.

      • I literally could not even try. I hear hip hop sometimes and occasionally like it. But not so much that I track down the title or artist. It’s just background noise. I’ve never developed much interest in it though I’ve tried.

      • The clue didn’t really bring that to mind though…I just typed in the only one I knew…and of course the MC one.

  3. I got 8 then hit the ‘give up’ button. What the hell is a Young Jeezy? It sounds like it might be the name of the penguin in Toy Story 3…
    I only knew a couple thanks to their ever presence on Song Quiz and radio. Great quiz though: a real test this one

  4. Wow. Got 2 and gave up with about a minute left since it was not going to improve – rap definitively not my thing. I recognized most of the names but only a few of the songs. Plus was having brain lock on how many is a score.. 😉

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