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Music Quiz: Artist by First and Last Song

The Replacements All Shook Down

Congratulations to the four contestants who scored full marks in last week’s 1990 album quiz. In order of fastest time:

1) Tony
2) 2Loud2Old
3) J
4) Stephen1001

This week you need to identify musical artists by the first song from their debut album and the last song from their final album.

I scored 11/16 – I actually missed a couple of artists of whom I’m a fan, so I’m sure some of you will eclipse my score.

As a bonus challenge, can anyone identify why I chose The Replacements’ All Shook Down as the header image this week?

28 thoughts on “Music Quiz: Artist by First and Last Song Leave a comment

  1. I tied Mr. Down Under. That first one that was not Bill Withers drove me freaking insane. It HAD to be him. I tried every possible spelling. Withers. Wither. Seasons of Wither. Billy. Bill. I have never heard the other artists’ version. Some of those were such no-brainers my grandmother could have gotten them. Others (“Uncle Arthur”) were like, wha?

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  2. Also, you cleverly chose the Replacements album as a tribute to my blog. The first song on their first album is called “Music is a Good Thing” and the last song on their last album is called “Enthusiast.”

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  3. SCORE
    13/16 … I missed one of them that I had no business missing…but the Ain’t No Sunshine…threw me…I had no chance…I just knew it was Bill…

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  4. 7 of 16 in my jet lagged state trying to recover from vacation – although to be honest probably wouldn’t have done much better even not tired. bunch of them I didn’t know.

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