The Replacements All Shook Down

Music Quiz: Artist by First and Last Song

Congratulations to the four contestants who scored full marks in last week’s 1990 album quiz. In order of fastest time:

1) Tony
2) 2Loud2Old
3) J
4) Stephen1001

This week you need to identify musical artists by the first song from their debut album and the last song from their final album.

I scored 11/16 – I actually missed a couple of artists of whom I’m a fan, so I’m sure some of you will eclipse my score.

As a bonus challenge, can anyone identify why I chose The Replacements’ All Shook Down as the header image this week?


  1. I tied Mr. Down Under. That first one that was not Bill Withers drove me freaking insane. It HAD to be him. I tried every possible spelling. Withers. Wither. Seasons of Wither. Billy. Bill. I have never heard the other artists’ version. Some of those were such no-brainers my grandmother could have gotten them. Others (“Uncle Arthur”) were like, wha?

  2. Also, you cleverly chose the Replacements album as a tribute to my blog. The first song on their first album is called “Music is a Good Thing” and the last song on their last album is called “Enthusiast.”

  3. SCORE
    13/16 … I missed one of them that I had no business missing…but the Ain’t No Sunshine…threw me…I had no chance…I just knew it was Bill…

  4. 7 of 16 in my jet lagged state trying to recover from vacation – although to be honest probably wouldn’t have done much better even not tired. bunch of them I didn’t know.

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