Music Quiz: Music… By 14 Other Categories

Congratulations to all of our participants in last week’s quiz. We had a lot of perfect scores, and a lot of interesting trivia about Tommy Tutone’s ‘867-5309/Jenny’. Tony recorded the fastest time, only taking just over a minute.

This week’s challenge concerns the junction points between music and Sporcle’s 14 other categories. It’s a bit more of a general knowledge quiz than usual, spanning a wide variety of genres from classical to Christian Contemporary.

I scored 12 out of 14 – can you beat my score?

In other site news, I’m considering a site re-brand. I’ve never really like the name “Aphoristical” – it’s unwieldy and hard to spell. I’ve been thinking over names and the one I’ve liked for a while is “Middlebrow”. If you have any input, let me know.

This Smashing Pumpkins related video has been doing the rounds this week, enjoy:

Billy Corgan rides a roller coaster.

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  1. I matched our host’s middlebrow score of 12/14 this week. A couple of lucky guesses were offset by a couple of unlucky ones. I really enjoyed the broad scope of the questions.
    As for your possible name change, I’m not sure how I feel about it, so consider me “undecided.”

  2. 12/14. Christianity and Americana let me down.
    The last question had Holy Roman Empire as an option. I read yesterday it wasn’t Holy, it wasn’t Roman and it wasn’t an Empire. I was reading about the ERG who are the same (Brexit alert!)
    Names. I chose WDEOD as I wanted something short that probably no one else had. Its an acronym by the way where changing the emphasis between the words changes the meaning e.g. *We* don’t … and We *Don’t* … etc.
    I used to use Abstruse as a username as I do tend to confuse, but I could never spell it!

  3. 10/14. I didn’t have a warm and fuzzy about this one. And as a new name for your blog, it’ll be new so I say – New Aphoristical! 🙂 Oh wait, that’s not much help. Hmm.. Wait – The Wonder from Down Under! All jokes aside – although there are plenty more – I get Middlebrow, not high brow or low brow. It’s fine I guess if not entirely compelling or descriptive. You need somehting that screams “Album reviews along with B sides and the weekly quiz.” Call it, call it – wait for it – Music Enthusiast NZ. 🙂

  4. 10 of 14 – breezed through 8 of them, then started guessing and stumbled into 2 more correct answers. Had to chuckle to think that NASCAR would use as its theme something by Mozart (was it Mozart?)

  5. Don’t have any great insights into catchy names – just look at our blog name. 🙂 I guess I prefer Aphoristical over Middlebrow.

  6. 10. (including none from four for the guesses!)
    Middlebrow doesn’t do it for me – I think it undersells the breadth and diversity of your content.
    What about ‘ComeAround’?
    An invitation for something new, allusion to revisiting things, and title of an utterly fabulous Mutton Birds song.

    • When I think of ‘Come Around’, the first 1990s song I think of is actually this one:
      I was just discussing another brainstorming idea with Jim: CleverPop: Music that won’t insult your intelligence
      Most of the music I struggle with is where I don’t think there’s a whole lot of brainpower in there; eg Red Hot Chili Peppers, KISS.

  7. Oooft. 8 for me this time.
    Names… man, I’ve struggled with site names for a while and I still think I could think of something else. I prefer Aphoristical to Middlebrow and I’m not sure about CleverPop… but that could be cause I’m used to the name as it is…

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