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Marshall Crenshaw

Marshall Crenshaw Debut Album

Marshall Crenshaw: Album Reviews

Detroit’s Marshall Crenshaw doesn’t belong in a conversation of most important musicians of his generation, but he’s a talented craftsman, whose deft guitar pop is likeable and accessible. He’s often compared with Buddy Holly, and his 1982 debut album certainly feels like Holly updated for new wave. Crenshaw is also compared with Elvis Costello, who mines similar musical territory, but Crenshaw’s music is as sweet as Costello’s is bitter.

Crenshaw has never entered the mainstream, although his self-titled debut sometimes pops up in best album of the eighties lists. But that’s no reflection on his music which is full of hooks and succinct. His 1982 self-titled debut and his compilation This Is Easy are both terrific, and well worth hearing for fans of intelligent guitar pop.

Ten Favourite Marshall Crenshaw Songs

You’re My Favourite Waste Of Time
Whenever You’re On My Mind
Blues Is King
Mary Anne
Cynical Girl
Our Town
There She Goes Again
Starless Summer Sky
Someday, Someway

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Marshall Crenshaw Debut Album

Marshall Crenshaw – Marshall Crenshaw

1982, 9/10. Punk and new wave was only one way of taking rock back to basics; Crenshaw stripped back to three chord songs about girls

Marshall Crenshaw Field Day

Field Day – Marshall Crenshaw

1983, 8/10. The songs on Field Day are generally less wide-eyed, innocent and 1950s’ derived than those on the debut.

Marshall Crenshaw Downtown

Downtown – Marshall Crenshaw

1985, 7.5/10. On Downtown, Crenshaw is produced by T-Bone Burnett who pushes the album in a country direction.

This Is Easy The Best of Marshall Crenshaw

This Is Easy: The Best Of Marshall Crenshaw – Marshall Crenshaw

2000, 8.5/10. Marshall Crenshaw’s a good candidate for a compilation, since he’s hooky and succinct, yet inexplicably not all over the radio.

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