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Can you pick the bands and music groups by the third sentence in their Wikipedia article?

Congratulations to Rich (https://kamertunesblog.wordpress.com/), who scored a perfect 24/24 in last week’s tough quiz.

Hopefully this week’s is a little easier – https://www.sporcle.com/games/MrWhiplash/3rd-bands

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify a band from the third sentence in their Wikipedia article.

I scored a strong, yet not impregnable, 19/20 – can you beat me?


  1. Nope. 15/20. Never heard of the ones I missed. No good guesses.

  2. Alright…I’m on a roll. Got 20/20 with 1:56 remaining. I had to make a couple of educated guesses and I’m glad the quiz was in a particular order. I might have gotten them wrong had they shown up earlier.

    • You know you can skip the ones you’re unsure about and get them later? Doesn’t work on every quiz but I think it does on that one. Not that you needed to.

      • Ah, but here’s the thing. I skipped a bunch and went back guessing, one hopes, intelligently. I don’t know about the other tests but this one only allowed so many guesses before it ended the test and revealed the answers. I’m pretty sure that’s what happened in my case as I seemed to have more time left. If that’s the case, it’s probably fair. You either know ’em or you don’t and I didn’t.

  3. An undeserved 19. Reckon I guessed about a third.

  4. Phew: 20/20 with 2:52 left on the clock

  5. Full marks on this one (I missed last week’s!), with 1:05 on the clock. Go me!

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