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More Songs About Buildings and Food – Talking Heads

More Songs About Buildings and Food

(1978), 8/10
After an unrepresentative first album, the Talking Heads created their quintessential album on their sophomore attempt. The title More Songs About Buildings and Food refers to David Byrne’s avoidance of writing love songs. Brian Eno’s production also helps to eliminate the creepily light mood of the debut, helping the group to explore the darker side of new wave. The sound of the album is homogeneous for the first nine tracks; a bunch of neurotic new wave songs that sound interchangeable.

More Songs About Buildings and Food gets off to a rip-roaring start with the fantastic ‘Thank You For Sending Me an Angel’, full of punchy drum fills. The nervy, minimalistic cover of Al Green’s ‘Take Me To The River’ is the album’s best known song. ‘The Big Country’, recorded at a slow pace so that Harrison could keep up on pedal steel, foreshadows the country tones that would enter the band’s repertoire a few albums later.

Like most of the band’s early albums, More Songs About Buildings and Food isn’t an easy first listen, but it captures the band at the beginning of a terrific streak of albums.

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