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Sam Phillips

Sam Phillips Martinis and Bikinis

Sam Phillips Album Reviews

Not to be confused with the Sun Records boss of the same name, Sam Phillips started her career as Christian pop singer Leslie Phillips in the 1980s where she was marketed as the Christian Cyndi Lauper. Over the course of six records, she gained artistic control of her music, married producer T-Bone Burnett, shed the most overt Christian references from her work, and changed her name to Sam, and 1994’s Martinis & Bikinis established her as an artist of critical stature.

I’ll come back and cover some of Sam Phillips’ other albums at some point.

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    • I have most of her stuff between 1987 and 2004, and I’ll cover it sometime. At this point I think Martinis and Bikinis strikes the best balance between pop hooks and depth; the later albums like Fan Dance and A Boot And A Shoe are nice, but insular.

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