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Selling England by the Pound – Genesis

Genesis Selling England by the Pound

Selling England By The Pound

(1973), 8.5/10
Selling England By The Pound is a continuation of the confident Genesis from Foxtrot. It’s a fan favourite, and is often cited as the group’s best album, but I find it a little flabby in places as some of the songs outstay their welcome. In other aspects Selling England By The Pound is a significant improvement on Foxtrot – the instrumental sections are often sharper, and the sound is clearer.

Unlike Foxtrot, Genesis are dabbling successfully in pop length songs, with the concise ‘I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)’ and Collins’ vocal spotlight on ‘More Fool Me’. Selling England By The Pound also features the opening ‘Dancing With The Moonlit Knight’ and the sweetly melodic ‘The Cinema Show’. But there’s a bit too much flab on the lengthy ‘Firth of Fifth’, even though the opening piano is Tony Banks’ finest moment, while ‘The Battle Of Epping Forest’ is less engrossing than Gabriel’s other theatrical pieces.

In many ways, Selling England By The Pound is a significant step up from Foxtrot; it is better produced, more confident and the group have improved as instrumentalists, but I just don’t find it as consistently engrossing.

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  1. Here’s where i started my journey with this band. They had just released it and a friend turned me onto it. Absolutely no radio play in my area. Fell hard for these guys and this album. Still a fave. My intro to Gabriel. His voice and his lyrics grabbed me. “Me I’m just a lawn – mower you can tell me by the way I walk”. That lyric has been in my head for a long time.

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      • “Epping” took me on a trip. It had so much going on and the Monty Python type humor also got me. There was a lot of music that didn’t appeal to me back then. This album was very refreshing for me back in the day. They certainly weren’t the mega band that they turned into.

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