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A Trick Of The Tail – Genesis

Genesis A Trick of the Tail

A Trick Of The Tail

(1976), 8.5/10
After unsuccessfully holding auditions to replace Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins took over lead vocals for Genesis; he’s very similar to Gabriel on A Trick Of The Tail. The 12-string guitars of pastoral Genesis has mostly disappeared, and A Trick Of The Tail sounds like a more relaxed version of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, with most of the textures coming from Banks’ synthesizers.

Even though the lyrics are more generic without Gabriel, the songwriting on A Trick Of The Tail is still impressive. ‘Dance On A Volcano’ is an engaging opener with a tension between the taut verses and the spiralling chorus. ‘Squonk’ is a convincing faux-mythological lyric, with Collins throwing his voice around like Gabriel. ‘Ripples’ is a gorgeous ballad, written by Mike Rutherford about ageing, while ‘Mad Man Moon’ starts off as a pretty piano piece.

Despite the absence of Gabriel, A Trick Of The Tail is still one of Genesis’ strongest albums.

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  1. Another good take by you. It has that ‘Lamb’ feel like you say.. This first cut is a really good opening number. I was anticipating what the band would sound like and they didn’t disappoint. This is a good record. Amazing how Collins are so similar on this record. I remember them looking for a new singer and thinking they had one right in front of them. I always liked Phil’s vocals on ‘More fool Me’. They just weren’t Gabriel’s backing band. Enough of the same elements to keep me around.

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