Trump and Climate

I know this is usually a music blog, and apologies to my regular readers for the change in topic today – this is just a one-off. I’m hardly qualified to be a political commentator but wanted to vent a little.…

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The Beatles Yellow Submarine

Music Quiz #8 – Funny Music Graphs

Congratulations to last week’s perfect scores:,, and  This week we have some funny graphs to solve. Can you name the musical artists who are represented by the graphs? I scored 17/20 – can you better me?

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NZ Music Month

New Zealand Music Month

Each May is New Zealand Music Month. It’s a promotion that has outstayed its welcome, especially as New Zealand has outgrown the cultural cringe for homegrown music that was evident in the 1960s and 1970s. But, perhaps not coincidentally, I’ve…

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