Music Quiz: Greatest Hits Albums XXV

Another week, and the artists are just getting more obscure.

Can you guess these 20 artists from their greatest hits albums?

Somehow, I thrifted my way to 19/20. I had a slight advantage where there’s a relatively obscure NZ artist in there.

Congratulations to Tony, whom I think was the only person to score above 18 last week.

In music trivia, I never knew (until today) that Axl Rose wrote ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ for Erin Everly, Don Everly’s daughter. She’s in the music video:


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    • That’s a pretty good score. I’ve been pretty amazed how high the scores have been – I guess the names are enough to help people make educated guesses.

  1. Just got back from vacation and was on my way to a perfect score until, once again, a single stumble left me at 19/20. Who’s the NZ artist that gave you an advantage?

    • Good work. Hayley Westenra is from New Zealand. I assumed noone outside of NZ had heard of her…

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