Music Quiz: Adjectives in ’00s Songs

Welcome back for another exciting season of quizzing.

Last week’s title was shared by Tony and Jim. Both scored 22/22 with 2:58 remaining.

This week your challenge is to link the adjective to the 2000s song.

I struggled with the country songs and scored 20/24.

You’ve probably heard the big announcement, but the Australasian Crested Grebe dominated New Zealand’s bird of the century competition. It scored 290,374 votes, 22.5 times as many as the North Island Brown Kiwi, which placed second.

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    • I only saw the top ten, and they didn’t make it into that. The Kakapo (a fat, flightless parrot) represented NZ though.

      • Now I remember that another one that we used to have was budgie. I think the ones that are green and yellow are budgies and the ones that are white with other colors are parakeets. And we also had finches, but they were like real fragile or something and they died quickly. I remember one time I bought one at Woolco and and by the very next morning it was already dead!! So we didn’t get those anymore.

        • Budgies have a few different colours – there are blue ones, yellow ones, green ones, maybe more.

          My childhood budgie died on lead poisoning. We didn’t realise until afterwards, but its cage had lead paint and it got addicted. We covered it with newspaper but it would just chew through and hit the paint.

          • I never thought of lead poisoning. I don’t think we ever had a painted cage though. If you used to wrap the cage in newspaper, how could you see the birds? I don’t get it.
            My brother said that it was my fault that the birds always died because I used to give them things to eat that you’re not supposed to. You’re only supposed to give them bird food and seed and I used to give them things like bread and crackers and cookies and stuff. I don’t think that was why they died though.

  1. For someone who has many blind spots in popular music throughout this millennium, my 19/24 score is not bad. Congratulations to that grebe. Apparently its selection had a lot to do with TV personality John Oliver.

  2. I only got 15/24. Which actually wasn’t too bad considering there was only about three that I didn’t have to guess at. About 20 of them I never even heard of before. The 2000s suck ass.

    • I normally find things I like in every year. 2005 is a terrible year for mainstream pop though, as we’ve been discussing on the Crazy Frog post. Especially in NZ, where Crazy Frog topped the charts for 16 (I think?) weeks.

      • 16 weeks??!! Holy crap. I wonder what’s the longest time for a number one in the United States. I’ve heard of things like 6 or 8 weeks but I don’t think anything close to 16.

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