Music Quiz: Questioning Song Titles

Welcome back for another music quiz.

Last week Heavy Metal Overlord was the most adept at telling the difference between Dulux paint colours and progressive rock bands.

This week’s task should prove a little easier – can you match the first and second half of song titles?

I scored 22/22, with 2:55 remaining.

Can you beat my score?

Have you voted for New Zealand’s bird of the year yet?

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  1. Very easy quiz this week, and my time would have been so much faster if I was in the office and using a mouse. Instead, I got 22/22 with 2:40 left on the clock using the track pad on my laptop.

    • All those birds were just beautiful but I voted for Parakeet because it reminds me of my childhood, because we always had parakeets when I was little. We had a lot of them over the years because they always used to die!! And then I would bury them in the backyard because I had a little pet cemetery, where I buried all our pets that died. There was turtles, gerbils, mice, hamsters, birds. And then I would take two popsicle sticks and make a crucifix and put it on top of the grave. But eventually it got dug up when my father built a deck on the back of the house. This was like later after I moved out and I didn’t find out about it right away and I was really pissed off about it!!!

      • What kind of parakeets did you have?

        It reminds me of a family member whose dog ate their rabbits. They had to quickly find replacement rabbits during the school day so their kids didn’t find out.

        • I have no idea what kind of parakeets they were. I didn’t even know there were different kinds. But they were usually white and blue, or white and green, or white and yellow, and green and yellow. Those are the ones I could remember. I like that one in the poll that was all green and looked just like a parrot. That was really cool.

  2. 22/22 with 1:55 left. This was easy and I could have done it faster but wanted to get them all so went slower. I think this is my first 100%. YAY!

    p.s. Comments were not allowed in the feed, so I came directly to your blogsite.

    • Thanks for letting me know – looks like there was a temporary issue in the morning, but it came right. There was a core WordPress update the night before, so it might have been connected to that.

  3. I tied your score exactly. And I voted against John Oliver’s fancypants bird. I voted for the Morepork because lol more pork

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