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Music quiz: Adjectives in 1980s songs

Welcome back for another music quiz. Last week’s results were tight – lots of people clocked in around 2:50, but KingClover and Max tied for the fastest time.

This week, your challenge is to fill in the missing adjectives in 1980s songs. I found it trickier than the 1970s edition.

I scored 27 out of 28. I hit a snafu between “bad” and “naughty”. Can you beat me for the perfect score?

I recently featured a James Taylor top ten songs list. It sent me back to his mid-1970s albums like 1975’s Gorilla, that I hadn’t heard in full. Here’s one song from Gorilla that could have made the list, with Crosby & Nash on backing vocals. Enjoy the smooth 1970s AM gold.

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