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Music Quiz: Songs to Badly Drawn Musician

Welcome back to this week’s quiz.

I had to prepare this post in advance as I’m on holiday, so at the time of writing it wasn’t clear who won last week.

This week, your challenge is to link song titles to badly drawn artist images.

I thought this quiz was trickier than the first one – I bluffed my way to 18, but there were a few I was unsure about.

Can you beat my score?

I didn’t know until recently that celebrity photographer Lynn Goldsmith made a self-help parody album in 1983. It features an array of high-powered guests, including Sting, Nile Rodgers, Steve Winwood, and Todd Rundgren. Here’s the opening track:

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      • Right. This time I could decipher all the pictures but I didn’t know the songs that went with them. For instance, I could figure out Twenty One Pilots but I don’t know any songs they did.

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