Music Quiz: Songs to Badly Drawn Musicians II

Another week, another quiz.

The defender of the crown this week is JB Robichaud from, who scored 27/28 in last week’s albums by decade quiz.

This week your challenge is to link songs to badly drawn renderings of the artist’s name.

I scored 20/20 with 4:04 remaining – can you beat my time?

In other news, Bob Dylan teamed up with the Heartbreakers (the Tom Petty backing band, not the band with Johnny Thunders) at Farm Aid this week. He’s back on guitar for the first time in years.

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  1. SCORE

    I saw the Dylan thing last night by Christian… it was good seeing them play together again.

  2. 18/20. Actually, that’s not bad considering how many I had to guess at. Even some of the ones that I got right I really don’t know why they were right, cuz I never figured out what the picture was trying to say.

    • Yeah, they’re fun – I like the detail on The Weeknd’s one (the last vowel missing on the weekend days on the calendar). Perfect score!

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