Music Quiz: 7 to 1 Albums by Decade

Congratulations to Pierce from ThePress, who seems to have scored the fastest time in last week’s quiz.

This week, your challenge is to categorise albums by their decade of release. I thought there was one marginal inclusion – an album that was released in the UK in December 1979, but didn’t turn up in the US until 1980. That record is filed into the 1970s for the purposes of this quiz.

I scored 28/28 with 3:35 remaining – can you beat my score?

I’d never heard “Weird” Al Yankovic’s Beach Boys’ pastiche ‘Pancreas’ until today. It’s pretty impressive – there’s some ‘God Only Knows’ and ‘Cabinessence’ in there:

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    • 24/28. I should have done better but I got mixed up on a couple of the rap ones and that put me on a bad road. I knew which one you were talking about being 1979 instead of 1980 cuz I ran into problems with that one before when making lists and stuff.

      • I think Rolling Stone used that quirk to put it on their best albums of the 1970s list and best album of the 1980s list.

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