Music Quiz: Greatest Hits Albums VI

Things are getting predictable on Aphoristic Album Reviews this week, as we move onto the sixth installment of greatest hits albums picture clicking. It’s another eclectic bunch of artists, from The Animals to Snoop Dogg.

There were no 20/20s last week, but a lot of 19s – congratulations to everyone who was so close to perfection. JP Robichaud had the fastest recorded time.

I scored 19/20. I mixed up two English artists, although I should have looked closer at the artists’ pose in the cover I got wrong.

Can you beat my score?

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  1. 17/20. Seems like I always screw up on ’90s bands. but I don’t know why because it’s not like I don’t know them or anything. The only reason I got Basement Jaxx is that I listened to it recently so I remembered what it looked like

    • Maybe the older a greatest hits album is, the more iconic it is? Not sure. Ones that don’t have a band photo on the cover are often tough.

  2. After last week’s “almost” I took a step back this week, with only 18/20. When I got the first one wrong I knew I was in trouble, but I guess it’s a respectable score.

    • They were two 90s bands. Korn was a big Rap Metal band and Good Charlotte was like a one hit wonder alternative/pop punk band. They both sucked.

    • I remember my classmate (and now workmate) getting me to listen to Korn through earbuds back in 1996. They’re both well enough known to qualify I think, even if I’ve never gotten into either.

    • I guess having the artist name would make it too easy – I think they might have edited some out. Great score.

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