Music Quiz: Greatest Hits Albums IV

Congratulations to Max, who won last week’s Great Hits Albums IV quiz. I also forgot to announce a winner the previous week – apologies to Tony, who won comfortably.

Just like the previous two weeks, you’re invited to join regular readers in identifying which artist a greatest hits collection belongs to. Even if you don’t know the compilation in question, you can figure some out based on iconography and facial recognition.

I found this one a lot tougher than the previous week. I scored 18/20, but I was a little lucky to score that high. Can you beat me?

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  1. Straight on your blog is working…why I didn’t try this before I don’t know…but the reader is the one giving me the problem

  2. Slinking in with 19/20 – Nirvana’s Icon threw me off, didn’t know it existed and was looking for the black cover I’m used to on their’s. I’m more surprised that Papa Roach have enough to make up a greatest hits, or perhaps the notion of great and hit are relative.

    • Great work! I remember reading a review that said something like “if you see this roach in your house, squash it”.

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