Music Quiz: Greatest Hits Albums III

Just like the previous two weeks, you’re invited to join regular readers in identifying which artist a greatest hits collection belongs to. Even if you don’t know the compilation in question, you can figure some out based on iconography and facial recognition.

I scored 20/20 – I was much more interested in this set of artists than the previous one. I had 3:11 remaining – can you beat my time?

My daughters have been very into this tune this week – perhaps because they’ve been watching old episodes of The Simpsons.

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  1. That Leslie Gore song is great ain’t it? I have her greatest hits and its got about half a dozen fantastic ones. This is the best though. Except for Maybe I Know which is at least as good.

    • You can probably figure out what next week’s quiz will be… but you’ll have to wait a week to tell us your score.

    • I used to own that Wings album. Even on a compilation. Controversially, it left off ‘Listen to What the Man Said’.

  2. SCORE
    01:45 There were 3 I had no clue about but found a clue on the album.
    The oldies channel way back would play that song.

      • Yes remaining…I always copy what is on the screen.
        I listened to an oldies channel…when I say oldies…I mean mid-sixties and before at a place I worked in the 80s while I was a teen so I got to learn a lot of bad music but also a lot of cool music in the 50s.

  3. 18/20. The only ones I got wrong were the ones I had to guess at, which were two 90s groups that I don’t really like anyways.

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