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Music Quiz: Album Cover Match Classic Rock

There were plenty of healthy scores in last week’s hard-to-Google band quiz – noone’s score could be described as “paltry”, “meagre”, or “meager”. EclecticMusicLover and Tony both scored 17/18.

This week’s quiz is surprisingly tough. The median score is only 50%, and it includes obscure records by acts like Badfinger, Todd Rundgren, and Kansas. You need to match an album cover to another from the same artist.

I scored 17/20, although I should have scored 18 – I got muddled between my Southern rock bands.

Can you beat my score?

Here’s a song from an album cover on the quiz – Todd Rundgren with a surprisingly glitzy version of ‘Parallel Lines’.

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  1. 18/20. I got a good time though 3:36. How come it didn’t give the answers at the end? Doesn’t it usually? I still don’t know what one of them is that I got wrong. I know the other one I got wrong was Little Feat, I think. But the other one didn’t even look familiar at all. Otherwise it was easy as pie. I was plowing through them really fast.

    • Everything is images so it can’t really show the answers. If you click view results it shows you. I had no idea what Kansas record covers look like.

    • I turned it off as I was having problems with it at the time. I guess I could turn it back on, but seems like one more thing to check up on.

  2. This one was right in my wheelhouse. An easy 20/20 with 3:50 left on the clock. They did a great job with the four album covers in each clue. I hope there’s more of these quizzes in the future.

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