Music Quiz: Bands Spelling Test

Jim, music enthusiast, won last week’s quiz, blitzing the hall of fame backing bands quiz in exactly one minute.

This week you need to identify the correct spelling of some notable bands.

The Fyfes have always been strong spellers, but there were a few tricky ones near the end and I could only muster 23/25.

Can you beat my score?

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  1. 22/25 but I did enjoy LinkedIn Park. Are the Fyfes aware of fictional character Barney Fife, easily the most famous Fife in America? Except for the short-lived sitcom The Double Life of Henry Phyfe.

    • That was the best show ever with the best sitcom characters of all time. My favorite one was Floyd the Barber, then Goober, and then Barney Fife. And Otis the drunk.

        • Sitcoms hardly ever cross over to other countries like music does. Or movies. Maybe the humor is just too local or something. Especially a show like that where the people were so Southern and rural. It might not seem funny to other people. And also that show started in the early sixties I think, So it wasn’t like there was a million cable channels everywhere playing reruns. I wouldn’t have seen it myself if it wasn’t continuously in reruns for most of my life. Ya know?

        • It might have at the time, but I’ve never seem reruns. Old TV doesn’t seem to appeal to younger generations as much as old movies or old music.

          • My kids are millennials and both are very selective about “old” stuff. She likes 40s swing tunes and through me, got to like late 50s, early 60s stuff. She seems largely indifferent to old movies but will occasionally find a TV show like ‘Cheers.”

            He will selectively pick certain classic rock and disregard the rest. Not a huge movie fan but we’ve watched Godfather and 2001 together. So yeah, neither are as interested in older stuff whereas I eventually grew to appreciate my father’s era and prior.

            And of course, then grandma will come over and tell them how their music and comedy sucks and how Sinatra-era was the best.

  2. 23/25. I’ve had problems with OMD in the past because I always forget how those guys spelled it. The real correct spelling of that word is maneuvres, but for some reason they put an “O” in there. It must be some kind of alternative spelling. Maybe it’s the French spelling or somesuch. That’s how come now i always just use OMD instead of trying to spell out the whole fucking thing.

      • Well that would make sense, because they’re British. But doesn’t it look like a French word? Because isn’t oeuvres the same word that’s in hors d’oeuvres? Isn’t it? They’re spelled the same exact way.

        • I imagine it came from French originally, then the spelling got Americanised for Americans, like a bunch of English words.

          • Like in North America the words center and theater are spelled centre and theatre in England. Except of course Mexico, where they are centro and teatro.

          • There are lots, part of my job now is to be a proofreader and stamp out Americanised spelling.

      • A friend of mine who was absolutely hilarious used to pronounce hors d’oeuvres as “whores de vreeze”. It was so funny. And I would pronounce it like “horsey doovers”. I think it was an old joke that some comedian said. She would say something like ” I went to a party and they had whores de vreese”. It was hysterical

    • I got dominos wrong, which is funny because it’s one of the few where I own all their albums on cd.

      • I will tell you the truth…I guessed on them and got it…I couldn’t remember if it had an e or not. This quiz was easy at first but the more names I looked at… the harder it got.

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