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Music Quiz: First 3 Songs on an Album (#7)

Congratulations to EclecticMusicLover, who proved something of a sex expert on last week’s quiz. This week your challenge is to identify an album given its first three songs. There’s an eclectic mix of music, from John Williams to Cher.


I scored 20/20 with 26 seconds remaining. Can you beat my time?

In other news, I’m not thrilled about the music choices of my loud new neighbour. Woken at 3am by loud music, my generation would expect something edgy like Cypress Hill or Rage Against the Machine. But my new neighbour plays smooth music, like pop-reggae and sappy R&B, extremely loudly. It’s like listening to The Breeze but with profanity instead of the occasional brilliant song. He’s got the loud car and the chains, but his musical preferences are extremely smooth. What are gangstas coming to?

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  1. 11/20 ran out of time probably could have guessed more right. So funny about your neighbor. Maybe crank up your own jams to show him what he should be listening to?

  2. 18/20. I could have got them all but the thing was moving all slow and shit and it made me run out of time. That fucking pisses me off. I knew all of them too!! I hate that stupid fucking thing when it goes all slow like that.

  3. 20/20 with 47 seconds remaining.
    I feel your pain – the neighbours (everybody needs good…) I share a wall seemingly have one CD that they play loud and pretty much on repeat and it’s the Best of UB40. It’s enough to make me feel ill.
    Meanwhile on the other side (where they’re a little older than us but not as old as the reggae-loving retirees mentioned above) play music with such heavy bass-lines at such a volume that our entire summer feels soundtracked by a club dj.
    I upgraded my speakers recently though so we’ll see how the tables turn when the freeze lifts

    • I guess the retirees need to play it loud?

      Once my old neighbours at our previous house played the same Michael McDonald song on repeat for an hour between 11 and 12 – they had mental health issues though. I feel like these guys are just very very loud.

  4. Nah, starting over is cheating. Cuz then you could just look up the right answers to the ones you got wrong the first time. That’s just totally wrong as far as I’m concerned.

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